If your child is failing in school...
If your child has a learning disability that leads to poor grades...
If your child is struggling with an AP class...
If your child wants to score higher on the SAT...
If your child isn’t performing up to potential...
If your child struggles to complete homework...
If your child wants to get ahead of the rest...

…then this is the most important website you will ever visit.

A Simple and Powerful Solution

A+ Home Tutors can help your child overcome any of these problems quickly, easily, and permanently. We are so confident of this, that we offer a consultation absolutely FREE and we guarantee your satisfaction. Our tutors come to your home and your child excels. It is that simple and convenient for you!

Getting Started is Easy

  • Call us at 1-888-802-7587 (or send us a message and we will call you back)
  • We match your child with an outstanding tutor.
  • The tutor comes to your home and the tutoring begins!

Why A+ Home Tutors Gets Results

Since 2004, we have matched hundreds of students like yours with outstanding tutors, leading to dramatic positive results. All that experience has helped us build a program that gives your child every opportunity to succeed.

What sets A+ Home Tutors Apart:

  • A Well-Matched Tutor. We match your child with a qualified tutor who fits your child's personality and has the subject area expertise your child needs.
  • Connection = Learning. Our tutors specialize in connecting with your child fast, which is a major ingredient to your child's rapid success.
  • One-on-One is More Effective. We work exclusively one-on-one. Many of our parents find they need fewer tutoring hours than anticipated, because when the tutoring is one-on-one rather than in a small group, your child gets full focus, 100% attention, and individualized instruction on demand.
  • Customized Plan. We develop a customized tutoring plan and your tutor tailors each session to your child's learning style and the objectives in the plan.
  • Outstanding Tutors. We screen our tutors rigorously, searching for the best of the best. We only work with talented tutors who are experienced, passionate, and gifted in their subject areas.
  • Easy and Convenient. Our tutors arrange sessions to fit your schedule, and show up at your door ready to help your child succeed.
  • Results Driven. Your tutor sends you a detailed report after each tutoring session so you can track your child's progress against the objectives in the tutoring plan.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction. We understand that your satisfaction with our program is a major ingredient to your child's success. If you are ever dissatisfied with a session, we will refund your money for that session and replace your tutor at no charge to you.
  • Success Overcoming Learning Differences. Our tutors are proven effective in helping students overcome ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, processing disorders, and other learning differences.

How the Program Works

We start by discussing your child's needs and developing a tutoring plan, absolutely free of charge and with no obligations attached. We then send you an outstanding private tutor who we believe is a great match to your child's needs and personality. Our team monitors your child's progress using the objectives in the tutoring plan, and we modify the plan as your child's needs change over time. To keep you up to date, your tutor sends you a session report after each session.

Our Guarantee

  • We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • You will not be charged for a session until you are satisfied with your tutor.

“The Support Has Been Incredible”

“The tutors from A+ Home Tutors were able to help my son by targeting his specific needs. The tutors worked in the math and science areas and they were highly qualified in those subjects. Most importantly, they were consistent, dependable, and very professional in their approach to tutoring my son. He found the tutors pleasant to work with and capable of communicating the subject matter very effectively. My son improved from C work to B+ in his junior year of high school. The support has been incredible. Brian Listens very closely to the needs of the family and does not hesitate to make helpful suggestions when needed. This is the most reliable program we have ever experienced in the Bay Area. Good job and many thanks to Brian Cheek.”
I.R., Parent of
Bellarmine College Prep
student, San Jose

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An A in Chemistry and a B+ in Geometry

“My son, a sophomore, has been working on Chemistry and Geometry with A+ Home Tutors since January. In December he had a C in Chemistry and C in Geometry. After working with a chemistry and math tutor, his mid-term grade went up to an A in Chemistry and B+ in Geometry. Not only did his grade go up he is also ranked 2nd in his class in Chemistry! I highly recommend Brian Cheek and A+ Home Tutors!”
Susan M., parent of
St. Ignatius College Prep
student, Burlingame

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